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The First Nations University of Canada will transition to a Hybrid Course Delivery for the Fall 2021 Term.

Throughout the pandemic, the First Nations University of Canada has made the health and safety of our students, Elders, and staff the top priority while navigating through the best teaching methods to ensure our courses are delivered effectively. As more vaccinations across the province continue to increase and infection rates decrease, the University will transition towards a hybrid learning environment while maintaining flexibility should the COVID-19 situation change for the Fall 2021 term. Delivery of in-class courses, labs, and studios are dependent on various factors, and our plans will depict the process and procedures.

To keep our campus communities safe and protected, and help bring back the welcoming, teaching and learning environment our University is known for, we encourage all students, faculty, and staff to get the COVID-19 vaccination when they are eligible. Working towards the Fall will see a new cycle, a new form of interconnecting. We will continue to work together to ensure the health and safety of all remain top priority by following all mandatory public health orders.

The on-campus screening process and entrance/exit points will be updated.

You can read the full FNUniv Statement on the Transition to Hybrid Course Delivery here.

Guide to Understanding the Class Schedule

The Guide to Understanding the Class Schedule will help you interpret the Fall 2021 class schedule. Please note that the examples included in the Guide are snapshots of what you will see in the Visual Schedule Builder system. If you are using UR Self-Service to search for courses, you will see the same information as in the examples but in a different format.

Our Fall 2021 courses will be delivered in one of the following formats:

  • On-Site Courses: Students registered in these courses will be required to attend in person in the designated classroom on scheduled days and times.  A full list of those courses that are being offered On-Site in the Fall 2021 term can be viewed here. The Indigenous Education Culture Camps are included in this list.
  • Hybrid Courses: Some courses allow students to attend on-site or remotely with a level of flexibility on how they would like to attend each week. Students who register for these courses will have the option of attending on-site or remotely via Zoom on scheduled days and times.
  • Courses Delivered Remotely: These courses will be taught via Zoom on scheduled days and times.
  • Online (Web) Delivered Courses: These courses will be delivered via UR Courses and many other multi-media enhancements.  There are usually no scheduled days and times.

If you have any questions on the courses offered, you may call 1.306.790.5950 ext.3001 or email

Student ID Card

New students, including Off-Campus, must have a URegina student ID card. Click here to apply.

Replacement card: if returning students need a replacement, follow instructions on the link for payment.

Zoom for Students

For students who may be new to the FNUniv Zoom videoconferencing method, we have a Student Guide which will walk you through accessing the virtual classroom or take a few minutes to watch the video tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns about Zoom, please contact FNUniv IT at 306-790-5950 ext. 7777.

Laptop Loan Program

FNUniv continues to offer the program for the Fall 2021 term. Students must meet specific requirements and conditions. Students must indicate which campus they are attending and where they want to pick up the laptop.

If you are interested in the program, please contact your campus library or email: for further details and information.

Regina Campus Library:
p: 306.790.5950 ext. 3425 or 3429
Saskatoon Campus Library:
p: 306.931.1800 ext. 5430
Northern Campus Library:
p: (306) 765-3333 Ext. 7430 or 7425

Important Updates

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