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The University’s current COVID-19 safety measures would remain in effect until August 31, 2021, or until further notice.

For the Spring/Summer 2021 term, all classes will continue to be delivered remotely, to include a combination of real-time class meetings via Zoom (synchronous) and web-based course delivery via UR Courses (asynchronous). All community-based programming will also be done remotely with no students in class.

Any person(s) to visit any of the campuses, including students, faculty and staff are required to Sign In/Out (Check-In) and complete a Screening Form prior to entering the campus. The daily sign-in/out and screening form are essential and necessary for contact tracing and vital to ensure we can track all activity on campus throughout each day.

The sign-in sheet and screening form will be available at the designated entrance of each campus.
Regina Campus: East Entrance
Saskatoon Campus: South Entrance (Door B)
Northern Campus: Main Entrance (Central Avenue)

All campus locations will continue with the implementation of Mandatory Masks as recommended and must be worn within all indoor spaces within the University to include:

·       Public areas of a university or college campus, such as the libraries, student union building, classrooms, hallways and other common areas, but not labs, offices or residences (dormitories)

Please adhere to all COVID-19 signage and directional arrows on each campus.

Culture Camps

  • Indigenous Social Work:
    • June 25 – 29 – MISW 800 (Master of Indigenous Social Work)
    • July 2 – 9 – Regina Campus
    • July 10 – 17 – Saskatoon Campus
    • July 18 – 25 – Northern Campus
  • Indigenous Education: Virtual
    • July 19 – 22 – Indigenous Epistemology EFDN 805 (Master of Indigenous Education)
    • July 26 – 30 – Land-Based Pedagogy and Language EC&I 871AQ (Master of Indigenous Language Education)

Student ID Card

New students, including Off-Campus, must have a URegina student ID card. Click here to apply.

Replacement card: if returning students need a replacement, follow instructions on the link for payment.

Campus Entrance and Exits

Regina Campus: Enter and Exit through the East side doors. There will be no exit/entry from the North and West Side doors.
In case of emergency, all doors are accessible for exit.

Saskatoon Campus: Enter and Exit through Southeast doors (B) and continue to 2nd Floor Campus. If you are visiting the Library, use Southeast door, continue through the main hallway door and exit on the secondary hallway door (marked).

Northern Campus: If entering from Central Avenue, use Main Entrance. If entering from Parkade, head south to Mall Entrance (Pharmacy stairwell) and enter at Main entrance (Central Avenue). Exit through main entrance.

Online Booking System

Please read the following Terms & Conditions – Access and Services prior to booking your study time.

The Online Booking System schedule hours remain the same as in the Winter. Time and days are subject to change.

For the health & safety of your child(ren), we ask that your child(ren) does/do not accompany you to campus for your scheduled appointment. Each workstation has been cleaned and disinfected before and after each appointment.

FNUniv students will have access to computer labs and libraries during scheduled times throughout the week. We will offer students the opportunity to book an appointment for access to digital learning spaces to facilitate access to computers and/or Wi-Fi hotspots.

The online booking system for Computer and Library for each campus is monitored separately.

All students will be required to:

  • Book an appointment allowing access for two (2) hours scheduled throughout each weekday.
  • Wear a mask. All students at each FNUniv campus that utilize this service will be required to wear masks throughout the Spring/Summer 2021 term.
  • Complete a self-assessment for each visit. Before entry to the campus, all students, faculty, and staff must complete a self-assessment questionnaire for each appointment. 
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions that the FNUniv requests from all visitors in the Spring/Summer 2021 term, which include social distancing, following all directional notices on each campus (all traffic will be organized in a way that only allows for one-way movement), etc.

Appointment Schedule (2-hour time-frame) – Monday to Friday

  • 8:30am – 10:30am
  • 11:00am – 1:00pm
  • 1:30pm – 3:30pm

Click on the campus link below to book your study time:

Workstations and Entry/Exit – All Campus locations

  • Regina Campus computer lab has temporarily relocated to the Multi-purpose Room on the first floor (limit 10 students). The main atrium is organized with one chair/one desk located along the windows (limit 6 students).
    • Students will enter through the East side doors and exit on the East doors. There will be no exit/entry from the North and West Side doors.
  • The Saskatoon library will have 8 workstations.
    • Students will enter through the main hallway door and exit on the secondary hallway door.
  • The Northern Campus computer lab and library are in the basement, with 18 workstations in total.
    • Computer lab – 4 workstations;
    • Library – 6 workstations;
    • A second, temporary lab is established in classroom B12 with 8 workstations.
    • Students will gain access by the stairway and exit through the secondary stairway – the elevator will be available on strict conditions.

Cleaning Procedures:

A thorough cleansing of all surfaces will be done after each scheduled time, with a thirty-minute cleansing period between all appointments.

For further reference to the schedule, protocols and additional information for each campus, click on the Online Booking Procedure.

If you have any questions or issues with booking an appointment, please contact FNUniv IT Support at

Zoom for Students

For students who may be new to the FNUniv Zoom videoconferencing method, we have a Student Guide which will walk you through accessing the virtual classroom or take a few minutes to watch the video tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns about Zoom, please contact FNUniv IT at 306-790-5950 ext. 7777.

Student Success Services – Support

Student Success Services staff will continue to work from home and provide support remotely for Spring/Summer 2021. Please contact an Admin Assistant 306.790.5950 ext. 7501 or at 306.790.5950 ext. 3127 if you would like to leave a message for a Recruiter, an Academic Advisor, a Retention Specialist or a Student Success Navigator. If you choose to leave a message, our administrative staff will follow up during regular work hours, Monday – Friday.

You can also email a request to
Please be sure to include the following in your email:

  • Your name, student number and if you are a New, or Continuing student.
  • The campus attending: Regina, Saskatoon, Northern Campus (PA), or Community-based program.
  • A phone number where you can be reached to confirm your appointment.
  • A brief message of your request. Our administrative staff will follow up during regular work hours, Monday – Friday.

Student events such as orientation, success seminars and workshops, and collaborative events (among campuses and with U of R) will be remote (via Zoom, Lifesize, Facebook, etc.) this Spring/Summer. No in-person student events are planned for Spring/Summer 2021.

Registered Spring/Summer students will have access to the SSS URCourses to find additional information on the writing clinic, wellness counselling availability and retention seminars and workshops.

Pipe Ceremonies will continue to be offered monthly at each campus. These ceremonies will follow all Saskatchewan Health Authority guidelines. Campus Elders’ virtual access (phone, Lifesize video-conferencing) will be arranged by appointment by the Elders’ helpers.

Laptop Loan Program

FNUniv continues to offer the program for the Spring/Summer term. Students must meet the specific requirements and conditions. Students must indicate which campus they are attending and where they want to pick up the laptop.

If you are interested in the program, please contact your campus library or email: for further details and information.

Regina Campus Library:
p: 306.790.5950 ext. 3425 or 3429
Saskatoon Campus Library:
p: 306.931.1800 ext. 5430
Northern Campus Library:
p: (306) 765-3333 Ext. 7430 or 7425

Important Updates:

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