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October 2022

  • In October 2022, Inspirit Foundation awarded a grant of $100,000 to the Indigenous Communication (INCA) and Fine Arts program to support radio training and development of CFNU.
  • FNUniv has received Tri-Council grant holding status. FNUniv can now hold its own grants from SSHRC, CIHR, and NSERC and receive the indirect costs from all Tri-Council grants. Bob may have more to add on this.
  • IPHRC—the Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre successfully transitioned to FNUniv from the UofR this past fall.
  • Dr. Angelina Weenie and Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly, FNUniv Indigenous Educations faculty, were successful co-applicants on a 2.5 Million SSHRC Grant focused on PUPP (Partnership on University Plagiarism Prevention). The Ministerial announcement was made in April 2021 and First Nations University of Canada is one of the partner institutions.  Whitney Ogle is the Research Assistant for this project. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Indigenous Education program at the First Nations University of Canada. Please see attached information on the research project.
  • In Fall 2021, Canadian Heritage awarded a grant to Shannon Avison in Indigenous Communication (INCA) and Fine Arts to produce a website and podcasts in the Indigenous languages of Saskatchewan. After consulting with language keepers and Elders, the project was named pîkiskwêwin–language in Cree. Due to COVID, most of the training for podcasters and designers has been done over Zoom; however, “we did record the first four episodes of a cooking show in person, following COVID protocols and entirely in Michif.” Although there are many podcasts by Indigenous producers, few are in Indigenous languages. The pîkiskwêwin podcasts are produced entirely in Indigenous languages, with English used only in the program summaries and producer bios. Shannon can share more information if needed. Here is a link to the website:
  • A 4-year CIHR Project Grant of $512,546.00 has been awarded to researchers at the First Nations University of Canada to conduct a study that will centre on the teachings of Elders and Knowledge Keepers from the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) to develop educational materials on traditional birthing and child-rearing. The project is entitled takohpinawasowin: Knowledge Keepers’ Stories of Traditional Birthing and Child-Rearing Practice. The FNUniv research team consists of the following FNUniv faculty members: Dr. Brenda Green in INHS (Nominated Principal Investigator); Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly  in Indigenous Education; and Cassandra Wajuntah (PhDc) in INHS.
  • FNUniv, IPHRC and the UofR Faculty of Science have been awarded NSERC PromoScience funds for the next three instalments of the Science Camps for Saskatchewan Indigenous Youth.
  • The following faculty were recipients of 2021 UofR Seed Grants:
    • Dr. Richard Dosselmann and Dr. Edward Doolittle: Application of Traditional Indigenous Knowledge to Modern Technology
    • Dr. Arzu Sardali and Dr. Andrei Volodin: Statistical Analysis of The Influence of Temperature Oscillations on Birth and Death Time Series in Provinces and Territories of Canada.
    • Dr. Vincent Ziffle: Analytical and Organic Chemistry of Southern Saskatchewan Medicinal Plant Secondary Metabolites, and Molecular Modification towards Privileged Structures.
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