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Dr. Fidji Gendron

Associate Dean, Academic, Program Coordinator & Professor, Biology
Indigenous Knowledge & Science
306.790.5950 ext. 3335


  • Ph.D. (Université du Québec à Montréal) 
  • B.Sc. (Université de Sherbrooke) 

Research Interests: 

  • Native Plants and Their Traditional Uses
  • Teaching Tools on Plant Medicines 

Courses Taught: 

  • BIOL 100: From Cells to Organisms 
  • BIOL 101: Introductory Biology II 
  • BIOL 140: Human Biology 
  • BIOC 200: Medicinal Plants and Culture 

Selected Publications: 

  • Cheng, S., Gendron, F., Ziffle, V., and Gerhard, D. 2019. Engaging Indigenous youth in science with the high-altitude balloon experiment. Creative Education, 10: 319-331. 
  • Cheng, S., Gerhard, D., Gendron, F., and Ziffle, V. 2019. Incorporation of high-altitude balloon experiment in high school science classrooms. Creative Education, 10: 262-272. 
  • Gendron, F. 2017. Aboriginal Youth’s Perceptions of Traditional and Commercial Tobacco in Canada. Health Promotion International, 
  • Alkholy, S.O., Gendron, F., McKenna, B., Dahms, T., Ferreira, M.P. 2017. Convergence of Indigenous science and western science impacts overall students’ interest in STEM and minority students’ identity as a scientist. Ubiquitous Learning, An International Journal, 10(1). 
  • Gendron, F., Hancherow, A., and Norton, A. 2016. Exploring and revitalizing Indigenous food networks in Saskatchewan, Canada, as a way to improve food security. Health Promotion International. 
  • Alkholy, S.O., Gendron, F., Dahms, T., and Ferreira, M.P. 2015. Assessing student perceptions of indigenous science co-educators, interest in STEM, and identity as a scientist: a pilot study. Ubiquitous Learning, An International Journal. 7(3-4): 41-51 
  • Gendron, F, Alqahtani, S.N., Alkholy, S.O., Haque, D., and Ferreira, M.P. 2015. Native/Aboriginal students use natural health products for health maintenance more than other university students. International Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 1(3): 1-9 
  • Ferreira, M.P., Palmer, J., McKenna, B., and Gendron, F. 2015. A traditional elder’s anti-aging cornucopia of North American plants. Foods and dietary supplements in the prevention and treatment of disease in older adults. Edited by R.R. Watson, Academic Press, Elsevier. Oxford, UK. pp. 3-11. 
  • Nilson, S., Gendron, F., Bellegarde, J., McKenna, B., Louie, D., Manson, G., and Alphonse, H. 2014. Preliminary scientific investigation of the effectiveness of the medicinal plants Plantago major and Achillea millefolium against the bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus in partnership with Indigenous Elders. Global Journal of Research on Medicinal Plants and Indigenous Medicine. 3(11):402-415. 
  • Ferreira, M.P., McKenna, B., and Gendron, F. 2014. Traditional elders in post-secondary STEM education. The International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society. 3(4). 
  • Gendron, F., Karana, R., Cyr, L.D., and Ferreira, M.P. 2014. Immunomodulatory Ethnobotanicals of the Great Lakes. In Polyphenols in human health and disease. Edited by R. Watson, V.R. Preedy, and S. Zibadi. Academic Press, Elsevier. Oxford, UK. pp. 453-461. 
  • Yuzicapi, L., Gendron, F., Bouch-van Dusen, R. 2013. Dakota and Lakota traditional food and tea: teachings from Elder Lorraine Yuzicapi. Pimatisiwin, 11(1):65-97. 
  • Alkholy, S.O., Alqahtani, S.N., Cochrane, A., Ferreira, M.P., Gendron, F. 2013. Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students learn about natural health products from different information sources. Pimatisiwin, 11(1):99-112. 
  • Gendron, F., Bourassa, C., Cyr, L.D., McKenna, B., and McKim, L. 2013. The Medicine Room: a teaching tool for Elders and educational opportunity for youth. First Nations Perspectives, 5(1): 83-97.  
  • Ferreira, M.P., Gendron, F., and Kindscher. K. 2013. Bioactive prairie plants and aging adults: role in health and disease. In Bioactive food as dietary interventions for the aging population. Edited by R.R. Watson and V.R. Preedy. Elsevier Academic Press, San Diego. pp. 263-275 
  • Ferreira, M.P., Gendron, F., McClure, K.C. and Kindscher. K. 2012. North American bioactiveplants for human health and performance. Global J Res. Med. Plants & Indigen. Med. 1(11):568-582. 
  • Ferreira, M.P., Gendron, F. 2011. Community-based participatory research with traditional and indigenous communities of the Americas: Historical context and future directions. International Journal of Critical Pedagogy. 3(3), p.153-168. 
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