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Welcome to the First Nations University of Canada
Research Office

The First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) Research Office aspires to have a transformative impact through research by enhancing the understanding and application of Indigenous research methodologies not only throughout Canada, but also on a global scale.  

The FNUniv Research Office’s overall purpose is to improve the quality of life of Indigenous people through the research supports we provide to nations, communities, researchers, and students. The resources are meant to support Indigenous communities, researchers and students, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous. 

The staff at the Research Office can assist with the development of research agreements, provide guidance on Indigenous research engagement protocols, and review project proposals and grant applications, as well as funding agreements and processes. The Research Office may also be able to provide support beyond this list and encourages researchers and students to send an email to with your questions and inquiries. 

Regina Campus
atim kâ-mihkosit (Red Dog) Urban Reserve
1 First Nations Way
Regina, SK, S4S 7K2
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