Attendance and Evaluation

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First Nations University of Canada expects all students to attend classes regularly and be punctual. Missing classes or arriving late can affect your chance for success. 

If a student is persistently late or absent, the student may be penalized if it affects other students, in the course or shared course work. Should actions continue, a student may be dropped from the course or prevented from taking the final exam. 


The final mark of the course is evaluated through a combination of participation, course work, and exams.  

Course work refers to all the assignments and tests conducted during the semester. Attendance and your level of participation in class discussion may also count as part of the course work. 

Final exams are held after the end of each term, however, not every class has a final exam. Students will be advised at start of term through the course outline. 

The percentage of the final mark determined by course work and the final exam varies from course to course. The instructor will include the percentage breakdown as part of the course outline. 

Visit the Academic Calendar for specific policy information around Attendance and Evaluation.

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