Fall 2020 Graduation Celebration

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Fall 2020 Graduation Celebration

Fall 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration
Saturday, October 17, 2020

Did you miss out on watching the Live Fall 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration on our Facebook page or through the Lifesize Link?

Watch the full video any time with our co-hosts, Dustin Brass and Simon Bird.

Fall 2020 Virtual Graduation

Graduate Compilation Video

Fall Graduate Compiliation

Valedictorian Address – Fall

Kathryn Netmaker was born in Saskatoon, SK. She has two older brothers, a younger sister, and a mom and dad who love her. Kathryn is supported by her husband who she has been married to for over two years. 

Kathryn Ayapīhkēw kī-nihtāwikiw mīnisihk. nīso ostēsiw. pēyak iskwēw osīmisiw. okāwiya ēkwa ohtāwiya ē-sākihikot. ispīhk nīstanaw pēyakosāp ē-itahtopiponēyān, Kathryn kī-wīkimēw owīkimākana. owīkimākana sītoskawēw tahto-kīsikāw.

Throughout Kathryn’s education at the First Nations University of Canada, she constantly found herself in a place of gratitude. Kathryn is thankful for the countless opportunities she has had to sit and listen and be challenged and grow.

kapē-ayi okiskinwahamākosiwin First Nations kihci-kiskinwahamātowikamikohk, kā-kī-misi-nanāskomot. kī-apiw, kī-natohtākēw, ēkwa kī-kiskinwahamākosiw.
ēkosi, kinanāskomitināwāw

Kathryn Netmaker

Alumni Address – Creeson Agecoutay

Creeson Agecoutay is proud nehiyaw/Plains Cree from Cowessess First Nation on Treaty 4 Territory.

In 2013, Creeson graduated with a journalism degree and was recognized by both the U of R and the First Nations University. That same year, Creeson became the host of CTV’s Indigenous Circle, a show that has been on TV since 1993.

With the help of his co-workers, Creeson and the staff of Indigenous Circle won many more regional and national RTDNA awards for excellence in broadcast journalism.

And just this last September, Creeson has accepted a national reporting job with CTV National News. He will be working in the nation’s capital in Ottawa where he will be covering stories about federal politics and Indigenous stories BUT what is even more important, the producers of CTV National News with Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme has asked for CTV Saskatchewan’s Indigenous Circle to also go national where Indigenous stories will air weekly on the national stage with Creeson also hosting and reporting with the help of a committed team. It’s basically the same job Creeson is doing in Saskatchewan but nationally and he is very thankful for this big opportunity.

Creeson Agecoutay

Congratulations! We commend you on your hard work and persistence. We are delighted to share in the excitement, and we are very honoured to have you join a community of over 5000 First Nations University of Canada graduates.

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