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FNUniv, UofR and FHQTC awarded a $512,546, 4-year CIHR Project Grant

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FNUniv, UofR and FHQTC awarded a $512,546, 4-year CIHR Project Grant

December 8, 2021

A 4-year CIHR Project Grant of $512,546.00 has been awarded to researchers at the First Nations University of Canada to conduct a study that will centre on the teachings of Elders and Knowledge Keepers from the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council (FHQTC) to develop educational materials on traditional birthing and child-rearing. The project is entitled takohpinawasowin.

Dr. Brenda Green, Nominated Principal Investigator, says that “takohpinawasowin is intended to provide a culturally safe, place-based, supportive environment where community members can story and re-story their experiences and their understanding of birth and child-rearing practices”.

takohpinawasowin means ‘wrapping around to support each other where life-giving and child-rearing is a community responsibility and wholistic activity.’

“In this way,” Green says, “we hope to support a renewed relationship with the land, build community capacity for traditional family bonding and reflect on the strengths of how to incorporate traditional customary practices into mainstream health services.”

Knowledge Keeper, Colleen Strongarm, initiated the project to create educational materials that could bring the community together to support families in life-giving practices.

You can read the full news release here.

Dr. Brenda Green, Nominated Principal Investigator. FNUniv Indigenous Health
Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly, FNUniv Research Team, Indigenous Education
Cassandra Wajuntah, FNUniv Research Team, Indigenous Health
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