Introducing our 2024 Miss FNUniv – Calista Moser

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Introducing our 2024 Miss FNUniv – Calista Moser

April 21, 2024

On April 21, we crowned our 2024-2025 Miss FNUniv, Calista McArthur-Moser from Pheasant Rump Nakoda First Nations. Calista is an Indigenous artist, mental health and post secondary advocate, and works in the disability sector. Calista just finished her Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Indigenous Fine Arts.

Our communications department recently asked Calista a series of questions about her 2024-2025 term as Miss FNUniv.

What are your first impressions of being Miss FNUniv?

My first impressions of being Titled Ms. FNUniv are from pure gratitude and still some disbelief. It is still hard to believe that I have finally accomplished this goal that I’ve worked so hard and long for. However, other than the shock I am so grateful in so many ways to be offered as many positive experiences and opportunities as I have thus far. During my short time with this title thus far I have created so many friendships, relationships, and memories with people that otherwise have never been put across my journey in this life!

How has your experience been so far?

My experience holding the title as Ms. FNUniv so far has been extremely eye-opening and immensely positive! I have shown to myself and others that trauma doesn’t define you or your life, its how you can harness and utilize your life experiences to make a change in your community that defines you. I have also experienced that I have grown and learnt a lot in the past couple years, but I still have so much more learning and growing ahead of me!

What do you hope to learn during your term as Miss FNUniv?

I hope to learn about different communities and cultures within the pow wow trail! Specifically, I am passionate about learning about the diversity of all of our Indigenous peoples, by travelling to different communities!

What would you like to achieve in your term as Miss FNUniv?

During my term as Ms. FNUniv I hope to further establish my ability to advocate for resilience through culture and pow wow! I hope to use this opportunity as a platform to help others rise above trauma and return back to their culture. I also hope to build relationships and ties with many different communities across Indian country! However, ultimately my main goal for my term as Ms. FNUniv is to carry the crown in a good way, while walking the red road, and travelling, so I can represent my small community and the First Nations University of Canada.

What Powwows are you hoping to attend?

I come from a Nakoda nation, so I want to make an effort to make an appearance at all Nakoda nations’ pow wows this summer (Carry the Kettle, Mosquito, etc). I also do plan on carrying the title and representing my community across the border, during Mandaree’s pow wow In North Dakota, and Black Hills in South Dakota. 

How has your time at FNUniv been? how was your experience as a student?

My time as an FNUniv student was a truly life changing experience and monumental experience in my life. During my first year at FNUniv was when I began my journey back to my culture. It was the first time in my life, where as a student, my differences in background was accepted. It was the first place, academically, where I wasn’t the only brown face in the room. The fine arts program at FNUniv, was what propelled my journey into rediscovering my culture through traditional art, and art history. I found a passion I never knew I had. Overall, FNUniv has been a great institution that combines a culturally sensitive space for the unique needs for Indigenous students and culturally relevant teachings that played a huge role in my life! 

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