Wiseman Mathematics Contest Announces Winners for 2024

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Wiseman Mathematics Contest Announces Winners for 2024

May 24, 2024

The Wiseman Mathematics Contest has announced the winners for 2024. The Contest aims to motivate young students in First Nations schools to learn Mathematics in a competitive environment. The Wiseman Mathematics Contest meets the needs of Mathematics teachers in First Nations Schools who want to assess their students’ problem-solving skills in a competitive environment.

The 1st Place winners of the 2024 Contest also receives educational gifts. The following schools receive late Elder Ken Goodwill Memorial Certificates for the best performance:

Grade 4: Chief Taylor School, Lake Cree Nation

Grade 4: Muskowekwan School, Muskowekwan First Nation

Grade 5: Chief Taylor School, Onion Lake Cree Nation

Grade 6: Oliver M. Smith Kawenni:io Elementary School, Six Nations

First Nations University of Canada faculty member Dr. Arzu Sardarli initiated the Contest in 2008. PromoScience, a program within the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), has supported its start-up. Since then, thousands of First Nations students across Canada in grades 4 to 6 have participated in the Contest.

Congratulations to all contestants, and appreciation to their teachers! Schools or teachers interested in receiving more information on the Wiseman Mathematics Contest may contact Dr. Arzu Sardarli at asardarli@firstnationsuniversity.ca.

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