Featured Alumni

Featured Alumni

Cherish Jean-Baptiste B.B.A

Bachelor of Business Administration
Class of 2006
“The greatest strength in the Indigenous community is the belief that if one succeeds, we all succeed!”

Chief Cadmus Delorme – Cowessess First Nation

Bachelor of Business Administration and Certificate in Hospitality, Tourism and Gaming Entertainment Management
Class of 2013
“First Nations University of Canada has provided me the tools and confidence to help the healing journey of many of Cowessess First Nation citizens as well maneuver a governance structure based on Nation Building governance. When at First Nations University of Canada, you become apart of a family that believes in Indigenous world ideology and this foundation is in high demand in Canada and beyond.”

Brad Bellegarde

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Class of 2017
“Even though I graduated in 2017, when I walk through those doors it feels like I never left. It truly is a second home to me. My classmates became my friends and I have witnessed many of them become leaders in politics, economic development and education as well as successful entrepreneurs. I can say with confidence that FNUniv is the only Institution I know in Canada that understands the complex familial structures Indigenous people have experienced because the leaders of the University are Indigenous. ”

Nelson Bird – Peepeekisis First Nation

Peepeekisis First Nation

Perry Bellegarde – Little Black Bear First Nation

Little Black Bear First Nation

Raven Sinclair – George Gordon First Nation

George Gordon First Nation

Connie Walker – Okanese First Nation

Okanese First Nation

Lita Fontaine

Dr. Bob Kayseas

Jada Yee

Bachelor of Business Administration
Class of 2015
“FNUniv gave me more than an education, they gave me my identity by teaching me my Indigenous culture. I owe a great deal of my success to the staff and elders at FNUniv that embedded our Indigenous teachings in me. At FNUniv you are more than a student, you are seen as family to the staff.”

Jennifer Dubois

Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Marketing
Class of 2015
“The First Nations University became my second home during my time there. The profs, staff, and the students became my extended family that, to this day, I still rely on for support and strength. The Elders and knowledge keepers at FNUniv helped me find my place in society, and strengthened my identity as a proud Indigenous Entrepreneur and the classes help me create and mold my business idea into reality.”

Gisele George

Bachelor of Education (Indigenous Education)
Class of 2013
“I loved my time at the FNUniv. Since graduating I have been able to pursue my career as a teacher.”
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