Failure to Withdraw

The University does not cancel class registration(s) on the basis of non-attendance. Students who do not formally withdraw are liable for assessed tuition and fees and receive failing grades. 

Withdrawal from the University

Students who register and are subsequently unable to attend classes must either drop the classes online or contact their faculty, federated college, or academic unit in writing to cancel their class registration(s). If this is not done before the published add/drop deadline of the term, financial and academic penalties apply.  

The date the notification is received will be used in the processing of any course withdrawals.  

Withdrawal from Classes 

Students may drop classes up to the deadline for withdrawing without receiving a failing grade as published in the Academic Schedule. The date of the withdrawal in UR Self-Service, or the date a withdrawal request is received in writing, will be used to determine withdrawal eligibility. 

Medical or Compassionate Withdrawal 

Students who are withdrawing from one or more courses, after the published refund periods, for reasons beyond their control (such as illness or accident, or involuntary job transfer), should complete an Application for Tuition Adjustment at the time they withdraw. Supporting documentation is required. See the Tuition and Fees section of the Academic Calendar for information about adjustments of tuition for medical or compassionate withdrawals. 

Students who become ill or suffer an accident or bereavement after the published academic withdrawal deadline, or unsuccessfully attempt to continue in classes after the deadline, should consult their faculty, federated college, or academic unit about the options available to them.  

Retroactive Withdrawal 

After the end of the term, in extenuating circumstances only and at the discretion of the students’ faculty, federated college, or academic unit, students who might have been eligible for a medical or compassionate withdrawal may apply instead to their faculty or college for a retroactive withdrawal, which consists in the conversion of numeric grades and/or grades of NP to neutral grades of W. Only withdrawal from all courses in the relevant term will be considered.

Students must complete an Application for Grade Adjustment and provide supporting documentation as described on the form, and an explanation of the reason for the lateness of the application. 

A retroactive withdrawal is an unusual privilege, not a right, and will be allowed no more than once in a student’s academic career.

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