Reconnecting people, land and language in an Indigenous cultural Landscape

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Name of Researcher/Research Team Members/Community Partners: 

PI:  Andrew M. Miller (Assoc Prof. FNUniv – Indigenous Studies)

Co-applicant:  Dr. Kathleen O’Reilly (Assoc. Prof. FNUniv – Indigenous Education); collaborators:  Bill Strongarm (Senator, Kawacatoose First Nation, Touchwood Agency Tribal Council),

Dr. Miriam McNab (FNUniv – Indigenous Studies),

Solomon Ratt (Assoc Prof. FNUniv – Indigenous Languages)

Lynn Cote (Assoc. Prof. FNUniv – Indigenous Languages)

Wanda Wilson (Director, Saskatchewan Indigenous Cultural Center)

Funding institution/Grant (if applicable):  Social Sciences Humanities Research Council / Insight


Summary or Abstract of the Project:  This project explores the historic and cultural connections between four Plains Cree and Saulteaux communities (George Gordon, Kawacatoose, Day Star and Muskowekwan First Nations) of Treaty Four Saskatchewan to their traditional lands.  We emphasized Indigenous place names and Indigenous languages associated with places and practices to document relationships past and present with important places, practices, and stories.  Through community meetings, field visits and focus groups we documented more than 50 hunting, gathering places, camp sites and ceremonial locations.  Many of these sites have become difficult to visit due to increased privatization of traditional lands.  Our work resulted in the publication of a children’s story told in Plains Cree, Saulteaux and English, an historic atlas of off-reserve locations Elders want to maintain in community memory and a teacher’s guide for the atlas.  These publications contribute to increasing knowledge and respect for Indigenous culture, languages, and history and have been taken up by local school districts and the Saskatchewan Office of Treaty Commissioner. 

Publications arising from “Reconnecting people, land and language in an Indigenous Cultural Landscape”.  All are available for purchase from Dr. Andrew Miller  Proceeds go to TATC Education Fund.  

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