These Stories have Walked a Long Way

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Name of Project: “These Stories have Walked a Long Way”

Name of Researcher/Research Team Members/Community Partners: 

PI:  Dr. Andrew M. Miller (Assoc Prof. FNUniv – Indigenous Studies),

Collaborator:  Dr. Miriam McNab (Assoc Prof. FNUniv – Indigenous Studies)

Bill Strongarm (Senator, Kawacatoose First Nation)

Funding institution/Grant (if applicable):  Library and Archives Canada / Listen, Hear Our Voices

Summary or Abstract of the Project:  This project repatriated 56 hrs of recordings collected by the Provincial Archives of Alberta from Cree speaking elders of Kawacatoose First Nation in the early 1970’s.  The recordings contain creation stories, histories, and descriptions of ceremonies and songs – many of which are unknown to the present generation.  Many of these stories describe Plains Cree culture and history from the mid 19th century and the early reserve period.  The Kawacatoose First Nation is in discussion with the University of Regina to protect these recordings for community language renewal projects.  Further work is being undertaken to transform these recordings into teaching and learning tools.  This project resulted in six Elders and Touch Wood Agency Tribal Council members visiting the Provincial Archives of Alberta and Royal Alberta Museum.  Elders identified objects held by the RAM which they are now attempting to repatriate to Kawacatoose First Nations families and local museums with the help of FNUniv faculty. 

Royal Alberta Museum staff members, FNUniv faculty and elders and community members visiting the holdings of the Provincial Archives of Alberta and the Provincial Archives of Alberta.  (standing -L) Robin Wallace, Claire Poirier, Emma Knight, Dr. Andrew Miller, Linda Hunter, Maurice Longman, Dr. Miriam McNab, (seated – L) Carolyn Poorman, Fred Poorman, Gloria LaPlante. 
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