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Indigenous Education

Become a teacher or work in the field of education and learn in both non-First Nations and First Nations classrooms and communities with a special emphasis on the development of First Nations content and processes. 

The First Nations University of Canada’s Indigenous Education program promotes the development and nurturing of quality teachers. Within the four years of obtaining your degree, program options are: 

  • Bachelor of Education – Elementary (Indigenous Education) 
  • Bachelor of Education – After Degree Program (BEAD) – Elementary (Indigenous Education) 
  • Bachelor of Education – Secondary (Indigenous Education) 
  • Bachelor of Education After Degree (BEAD) – Secondary (Indigenous Education) 
  • Bachelor of Education After Degree (BEAD) – Secondary (Visual Arts Major) 
  • Bachelor of (Indigenous) Education Elementary Degree Program — Cree Immersion 
  • Bachelor of (Indigenous) Education After Degree, Elementary Program — Cree Immersion 
  • Certificate of Extended Studies – Aboriginal Education 
  • Certificate of Extended Studies – First Nations Languages 
  • First Nations Language Instructors’ Certificate 
  • Master in Indigenous Education 
  • Master in Indigenous Language Education (MILED)

Our mission is to focus all efforts on supporting students as they join our learning community. Our goal is to produce teachers who can promote First Nations’ control of First Nations education by developing and implementing First Nations content. We develop teachers who are skillful, knowledgeable, and able to work within the framework of the Saskatchewan Core Curriculum. 

Holistic cultural components are integrated throughout the program with a specific land-based education component offered. Students are well-prepared for teaching because they have school-based teaching experience every semester, including band school placements, which is unique to Indigenous Education. 

Careers Include: 

  • School Administrator 
  • Educator/Teacher 
  • Teaching Adults or ESL 

Program Available At: 

  • Regina Campus (Elementary and Secondary) 
  • Northern Campus (Elementary) 
  • First Nations Language Instructors’ Certificate – location varies 
  • Off-Campus (Community Based Elementary program) 

Criteria for Acceptance: 

All undergraduate and after-degree Indigenous Education students must first be admitted to the University of Regina – Admissions. All prospective applicants who wish to enrol in the Indigenous Education programs must submit an application that will be forwarded to the Indigenous Education Admission Committee. Applicants will be informed if they will be invited for an interview into the Indigenous Education program of their choice. 

Master’s students should apply through the Faculty of Graduate Studies

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