Elder Services

Elder Services

Cultural and Traditional Services 

First Nations University of Canada offers students an opportunity to pursue post-secondary education in an environment that supports holistic learning. Each campus offers the presence of Elders. The knowledge of the Elders, in First Nations’ traditions, culture and spirituality, creates a unique support service for students. Their presence, wisdom, and traditional counsel provide a strong foundation for learning. 

The Elders’ offices work closely with the academic departments to provide students with an overview of First Nations customs, traditions and teachings as they relate to the classes. The University also facilitates workshops/guest lectures on various topics such as the use of tobacco, sweatlodges, etc. 

Everyone at FNUniv is invited to attend and participate in the University’s ceremonies. If you are joining for the first time and are not familiar with the practices and protocols, please take a few minutes and visit the Elders’ Office to talk with an Elder or Elder’s Helper (oskapewis). 

Monthly Pipe Ceremonies are held on each campus. For more information, please contact the Elder’s Office. 

Regina Campus 
P: 306-790-5950 ext. 3129 
Email: Elder’s Office 

P: 306-931-1800 ext. 5483 
Email: Elder’s Office 

Northern Campus 
P: 306-765-3333 ext. 7510 
Email: Elder’s Office 

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