Student Information for SPRING/SUMMER 2022 – IMPORTANT UPDATES

Student Success Services

Student Success Services

Student Success Services nurtures a student success culture using leading initiatives, programs, facilities and functions on a university-wide basis. Such a culture needs to focus on the student holistically, be pervasive and integrated across all academic and academic support areas, incorporate contemporary student development theory and practice, and transform the student environment at FNUniv into a highly engaged one with significant measurable growth in student success. 

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors work to promote insight and understanding of degree programs, academic policy, and academic life at the First Nations University of Canada. 

Advisors are available to assist students in the area of academic development. Referrals to community resources and support services are available. Confidentiality is assured. 

Advisors are involved in a variety of information sessions, workshops and seminars. These include orientation and information sessions for new and returning students. Workshops in assertiveness, exam anxiety, stress, study skills, being a successful student, career development and effective leadership are offered throughout the academic year. 

To book an Academic Advising Appointment:

Via email:

Be sure to include your full name, student ID, campus location & program of study.

Or call our Administrative Support Staff:

  • Karen at Northern Campus: 306-765-3333 ext. 7501
  • Amber at Regina Campus: 306-790-5950 ext. 3127
  • Karen or Amber at Saskatoon: 306-931-1800 ext. 7501 (Karen) or 3127 (Amber)

Off-campus students can contact Karen or Amber

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre offers assistance for students at any stage of the writing process. The centre helps you build an understanding of the writing process and develop the skills you need to complete your writing assignments. 

Whether you’re just starting a paper, stuck halfway through or ready for some final polishing, the Writing Centre can help. You can also bring in past papers for analysis and help that will improve your writing for your next assignment. 

Tutor Services

Group and individual tutoring are available to all students registered through the First Nations University of Canada. Tutoring Services connect you with the academic help you need when you need it. If you’d like to find a tutor, simply contact Student Success Services at 1-800-267-6303.

It’s all free because we care about you doing well, and we want you to be a better, more independent learner.

Student Supports & Services



FNUniv Scholarships, Awards & Bursaries 

First Nations University of Canada students are eligible for all scholarships, awards & bursaries offered by the First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina. Application forms for FNUniv awards are available from the Student Success Services or by clicking the links below.  

Before applying, ensure to review the descriptions, the requirements, and prepare yourself to obtain the necessary documents outlined for application. 

General deadline dates for FNUniv scholarships & awards are February 28th or October 31st annually. Please take note of specific deadline dates for specific scholarships, bursaries & awards. 

The Budget Information should be included with the application if the scholarship you are applying for indicates that “Need” is a requirement. 

General inquiries should be directed to: 

First Nations University of Canada Scholarship Committee 
1 First Nations Way 
Regina, SK S4S 7K2 
Phone: 306.790.5950 ext. 3127
Fax: 306.790.5996 
Email: First Nations University of Canada Scholarship Committee 

For a detailed list of FNUniv Scholarships, click here.

Financial Aid

Student Success Services Emergency Bursary 

The First Nations University of Canada Student Success bursary is intended to assist eligible students who are experiencing an unexpected financial challenge that may impact their ability to stay in school. The bursary will assist students who can demonstrate that they require short-term urgent financial assistance to continue progressing in their studies. Urgent financial needs may include immediate living expenses such as groceries, housing, basic utilities, medication, day-care fees, etc. 

Students may only apply for this bursary once per academic year. This bursary is not meant to serve students on an ongoing basis. The application must demonstrate that receiving the bursary will assist students to stay in school. Students are encouraged to exhaust other sources of funding prior to accessing this bursary. 


Available at Student Success Services through Advisors or Retention Specialists at one of the campuses (1-800-267-6303). 

First Nations University of Canada students have a few options for financial aid. 

  • If you are of Treaty Status and are registered with a First Nation Band, you can contact your band’s post-secondary counsellor for funding procedures. 
  • If you are of Métis ancestry, you can contact your Métis local for further information. 

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