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Governance & Board of Governors

The First Nations University of Canada is governed by a Board of Governors, appointed by a Selection Committee formed by the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Education and Training Commission.

According to An Act Respecting the First Nations University of Canada (Part IV), the Board of Governors is made up of nine (9) members: eight (8) voting members and one (1) non-voting chairperson.

In addition to the Board of Governors, two (2) Elders as non-voting advisors, one (1) male and one (1) female, are appointed by the Elders Advisory Council. Other non-voting observers to the Board of Governors include one (1) FNUniv student and one (1) FNUniv faculty member.

To meet the members of the Board of Governors, click here.

Governing Legislation

kêhtê-ayak Elders Council

In 2015, the kêhtê-ayak Elders Council was formed and officially established. The Council consists of two Board of Governor Elders, six campus Elders, two Cultural Advisors, one Women’s Helper, one faculty member, and one management representative. Within the council, we are rich with traditional knowledge keepers, medicine keepers & gatherers, spiritual leaders, and counsellors.

The Elders are integral to our university. They are holders of our traditions, values, languages, and history. They are our leaders, our guides and are our teachers and they encourage what is best for our institution.

The kêhtê-ayak Elders Council promotes unity of member First Nations through the promotion and preservation of Indigenous heritage, knowledge, culture, values, and customs.

The purpose of the Elders Council is to enhance the quality of life, and to preserve, protect, and interpret the history, language, culture, and artistic heritage of First Nations.

They assist FNUniv faculty, students, and staff and First Nations in the revival and re-institution of their spiritual heritage, knowledge, culture, customs, and traditions and acts as advisors regarding Indigenous knowledge and spiritual practices and protocol as the stabilizing influence in First Nations society.

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