Strategic Plan: ôtê nîkân “In the Future”

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2019-2024 Strategic Plan: ôtê nîkân “In the Future” 

First Nations University of Canada’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan: ôtê nîkân “in the future” charts the University’s course of action over the next five years. 

FNUniv’s Strategic Plan is underpinned by the wisdom and strength of our Elders; the vision and leadership of our communities; the promise of our students; the commitment and experience of our faculty and staff; and the continued support of our many stakeholders. 

To view or download: First Nations University of Canada 2019 – 2024 Strategic Plan

Academic Governance & Administration Framework  

The First Nations University of Canada supports the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada Calls to Action, National Inquiry of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.  

The purpose of the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) Academic Governance & Administration Framework (the Framework) is to ensure effective and efficient academic administration for quality academic delivery for students and enabling faculty to focus on high value teaching outcomes. The Framework provides consolidated documentation of the way the institution’s academic programming is governed and administered. The Framework summarizes the governance and administration structures for FNUniv academic programming to provide clarity on decision making authorities and administration roles and responsibilities. The Framework governs FNUniv’s internal academic administrative structure and decision-making processes. The University of Regina (U of R) has entered into a federated agreement with the FNUniv. The agreement states that as a federated college that the FNUniv is legally and financially independent but academically integrated with the U of R. This Framework should not be interpreted and implemented in a manner that would contravene the Federation Agreement.  

In addition, key academic policies, processes and procedures have been included to provide clear documentation to improve consistency, efficiency and effectiveness of academic administration for all leadership, faculty and staff involved. 

To view or download: Academic Governance & Administration Framework

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