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Name of Project:    Algonquian Atlas and Dictionaries Project

Name of Researcher/Research Team Members/Community Partners:

– part of this research partnership consists of:

Lead Investigator: Dr. Marie-Odile Junker (Carleton University)

Co-Investigators: Dr. Arok Wolvengrey (FNUniv), Dr. Margeurite McKenzie (Memorial University), Dr. Rand Valentine (University of Wisconsin), Dr. Nicole Rosen, (University of Manitoba), Dr. Inge Genee (Lethridge University)

Community Partners: (see the Algonquian Linguistic Atlas:

Funding institution/Grant (if applicable): SSHRCC: $500,000.00 (funded for 2014-2023)

Summary or Abstract of the Project:

Growing from the original Cree (and then Algonquian) Linguistic Atlas project, the Algonquian Atlas and Dictionaries Project aims to continue the goal of creating “an online, multimedia linguistic atlas of Algonquian languages. The creation of the atlas allows us to offer many training opportunities for sound editing and linguistic description training to Indigenous students.  One of the goals is also to create contacts between curriculum developers, language specialists and lexicographers of Algonquian languages, with a focus on online language resources and dictionaries. … This project is a fertile ground for knowledge transfer and mutual inspiration, with all parties working in a collaborative spirit.  Our ultimate goal is to make sure that the beautiful Algonquian languages and the cultures they embody will be heard and spoken by many more generations to come.”

– adapted from Marie-Odile Junker, “About” at:

Any additional information you’d like included (photos, testimonials, etc.).

The main Atlas link is at:

A variety of Algonquian Language Dictionaries are available (and/or under development) including:

Cree-Innu-Naskapi Language Continuum:

– Plains Cree:

– East Cree (Northern dialect):

– East Cree (Southern dialect):

– Innu:

– Atikamekw:

– Moose and Swampy Cree:

– Fort Severn (Swampy Cree):

Nishnaabemwin (Ojibwe):



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