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Indigenous Communication & Fine Arts

Indigenous Communication and Fine Arts comprise two programs which are to engage and empower artistic creativity, critical thinking, and community engagement through development of communication skills in the fine arts and journalism.

Indigenous Communication Arts

Indigenous Communication Arts (INCA) specializes in journalism and public relations. The program is focused on an introduction to the field of media. Students studying Indigenous Communication Arts will have the opportunity to improve their interpersonal skills, public speaking skills, and learn about other disciplines and cultures in an exciting hands-on atmosphere. 

To qualify for admission to INCA, students must be eligible for admission to the First Nations University of Canada/University of Regina. Proficiency in English is a requirement along with basic computer skills. Students have chosen this program because: 

  • It allows them to tell stories 
  • It improves on their professional skills 
  • It helps them become a public voice for their people 
  • There is a great demand for First Nations and Métis people in media organizations 

Alumni have gone on to work with major broadcast and print media such as APTN, CBC, Global, CTV, Rawlco Radio, Missinipi Broadcasting Corporation, Eagle Feather News, and Regina Leader-Post. 

INCA offers a two-year diploma program that prepares students to work in the communications industry, including Indigenous and mainstream media (print, broadcast, and web), and public relations. The two-year diploma is a 72-credit-hour program (24 classes). Beyond journalism classes, the INCA program requires courses in Indian history and politics, oral traditions, community-based research, business management, traditional and contemporary communication systems, languages, and art. 

Careers Include: 

  • Journalism 
  • Public Relations 
  • Business and Technology 

Program Available At: 

  • Regina Campus

INCA has a microsite that provides in-depth information on courses, careers, student support and what you need to get started in the Communications field! Click here to explore INCA Online.

INCA produced the “Words of Wisdom” podcast which aired on National Aboriginal Day 2020 on MBC Radio. The podcast includes stories about Elder Audrey Cochrane, the FNUniv Art Collection, faculty members Blair Stonechild, Solomon Ratt and Audrey Dreaver.
We welcome you all to have a listen.

Indigenous Fine Arts

Indigenous Fine Arts
Winter Term

If you are interested in the course or would like more information, please contact Audrey Dreaver, IFA Program Coordinator.

The Indigenous Fine Arts (INA) program offers a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Its focus is on Indigenous contemporary, historical, and traditional artistic practice and innovation.  

The Indigenous Fine Arts program is structured on the knowledge and appreciation of the significant place the fine arts have had within all cultures of the Americas for millennia. The faculty have expertise in historic and traditional First Nations art forms and contemporary aesthetics. Studio work and hands-on instruction from experienced faculty, combined with the development of skills, help students to determine their artistic direction and future careers in the fine arts, graduate programs, and community leadership. In addition to studio arts instruction, the students will build their skills in communication, writing, research, and analytical thinking in the social and natural sciences, cultural fields, and societal contexts. Throughout this program, students will submit samples of their work to the faculty for the purpose of review and evaluation.  

The Indigenous Fine Arts program offers courses of study with a focus on Indigenous historical and contemporary artistic traditions leading to the degrees of: 

  • Certificate in Indigenous Fine Arts (2-years) 
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (4-years) 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Art, 4-years) 
  • Bachelor of Arts (Indigenous Art History, 4-years)

The Indigenous Fine Arts facilities include a 2-Dimensional studio, a 3-Dimensional studio, a Small Projects studio-based classroom, and a Preparation studio. 

Students who wish to complete a four-year program should consult with the Program Coordinator and or Indigenous Fine Arts faculty. 

Careers Include: 

  • Self-employment (studio artist) 
  • Arts Education 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Exhibition Design 
  • Museum or Gallery Professional 
  • Arts Administration 
  • Community Leadership 

Program Available At: 

  • Regina Campus 

The Indigenous Fine Arts microsite is available to view

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