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January 26, 2020
Last Revised:
January 22, 2020
Team (Contracts Administrator, HR & Finance)
Approved By:
Board of Governors
Vice President Academic


Facilitating effective and efficient program and operational administration is a key action involved in delivering on the Teaching & Learning strategic process highlighted in the Strategic Plan.  Contracts development and execution is an essential component of this administration, to ensure adequate resources and contracts are in place to deliver on programming to meet the needs of students.


Timely execution of academic staff (non-faculty) contracts ahead of each semester start is critical for academic operational readiness leading up to class start, including for selected academic staff to prepare for the upcoming semester and for ordering of textbooks which have a lead time for order processing, delivery and placing on shelves in bookstore for students prior to semester start. 

FNUniv desires to have an efficient contracts process for academic staff contracts to ensure there is no risk to readiness for semester start which negatively impacts staff and students.  This policy is strongly related to the efficient execution of the Hiring Academic Staff (Non-Faculty) policy and process.  


FNUniv developed the Contracts Approval Committee (CAC) in 2018 in order to reduce risk, increase efficiencies and improve accuracy and flow of information at the University. The CAC also intends to break down information silos, increase communication across departments and create further checks and balances as the membership will be representative of all applicable areas of FNUniv. Oversight of the Contracts Process will be increased while facilitating increased collaboration across the University.

CAC membership team and structure includes:

Representing RolePrimarySecondary
ChairVice-President, Finance & AdminVice-President, Academic
AcademicAssociate Dean, AcademicAssociate Dean, Community, Research & Graduate Programs
FinanceDirector of FinanceComptroller
PayrollPayroll Administrator 
Human ResourcesHR Recruitment PositionHR Supervisor
ContractsContracts AdministratorHR Administrator


The Contracts Committee (CC) is the forum within the University that generates all contract information.  Members of the CC are those vice-presidents, associate deans, directors, librarians, and administrative and executive assistants who are responsible for overseeing and submitting contract request forms. Additional membership consists of a representative from Human Resources. Alternates will also be identified and included in the committee membership list. When requested, observers can attend the meeting.

When contract information is completed by the CC, it is then submitted to the Contracts Approval Committee (CAC) for final approval and processing. All contact requests move through the CC and then to the CAC for final approval. The CC is responsible for collecting, checking and entering all the required information on the appropriate forms for each contract to be entered into by the University. Once all the contract information is verified by the CC the completed forms are submitted to the CAC for final approval and processing.


Members of the CAC will hold discussions and decisions made within the committee with the utmost confidentiality and will not disclose confidential information to anyone outside of the committee if it is not required. Identified members already have access to all information required for CAC actions, however, confidentiality sign off will be required.


As much as possible, academic staff (non-faculty) contracts should be completed by the following deadlines in advance of semester start:

  • Fall Semester:  Contracts in place by end of June
  • Winter Semester:  Contracts in place by mid-November
  • Spring/Summer Semester:  Contracts in place by end of March

Role and Responsibilities


  • Facilitates contract development and approval process through from contract draft to signoff;
  • Sends reminder email of deadline to submit contract requests prior to Contracts Committee meetings;
  • Drafts academic staff contracts based on Contract Request forms;
  • Reviews contracts to ensure all specific procedures which apply to employment contracts and all employment law requirements are addressed.
  • Reviews contracts to ensure no inordinate legal, financial, or operational risks, including conflict of interest, are presented.
  • Conducts a quality review of contract information and prepares package for submittal to the Contracts Approval Committee;
  • Obtains appropriate signoffs of contracts once approved and forwards to instructor for acceptance; and
  • Files executed contracts and shares with the Associate Deans, Academic Administrator, applicable Program Coordinator and Payroll.


  • Submits Contract Request forms for academic staff as selected through the hiring process (with support from the Academic Administrative Assistant) as soon as selections made by Associate Dean;
  • Tracks outstanding contracts to inquire on status with Contract Administrator to get required contracts in place according to semester readiness deadlines; and
  • Keeps Associate Deans apprised of contract status.


  • Act as academic staff (non-faculty) contract signer.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Not having required academic staff (non-faculty) contracts in place in accordance with required semester deadlines may have negative consequences on readiness for semester start, which will have negative impacts on academic staff and students.

Contracts not properly authorized and signed in accordance with this Policy will not legally bind the University and could be reduced or not honoured. In certain cases, the individual signing the contract may incur personal liability, and/or may be subject to discipline by the University, including termination.



The Contract Administrator sends reminders via email of deadline to submit contract requests prior to upcoming Contracts Committee meetings.  The deadline to get a contract on an agenda is the Wednesday before the meeting for the Monday Contracts Committee meeting.

The Academic Administrator (with support from the Academic Administrative Assistant) is responsible for submitted Contract Request forms for academic staff as selected through the hiring process (through pre-posting offer or internal posting or external posting).  Contract request forms should be submitted as soon as selections made by Associate Dean to expedite process.


The Contract Administrator develops a draft academic staff contract based on Contract Request forms submitted by the Academic Administrator.  The draft is prepared and provided as information to the Contracts Committee for their Monday meetings.  The Contract Administrator follows the recommended contract through the process to approval and signoff. 


The Contracts Committee reviews proposed contracts at its Monday meetings for recommendations for approval to the Contracts Approval Committee.  If recommended for final approval, the Contract Administrator will conduct a quality review of information and prepare the contract for submittal to the Contracts Approval Committee for their Tuesday meetings. If approved by the Contracts Approval Committee, the academic staff (non-faculty) contract is provided to the Vice-President, Academic for final review and signoff.  Once signed off, the Contract Administrator provides the signed contract to the Instructor for acceptance within 7 days, with a copy to the Academic Administrator and Program Coordinator for tracking purposes.  Once acceptance received, the Contract Administrator shares with the Associate Dean, Academic Administrator and Program Coordinator and files, as well as ensures Payroll has a copy of the fully executed contract for Dayforce entry.

The following process map demonstrates the key steps involved with execution of this policy:

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