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February 26, 2023
Last Revised:
February 26, 2023
Vice President, Finance & Administration
Approved By:
Board of Governors
President’s Office (306) 790-5950 ext. 2100


An educational institution must balance the accessibility and use of facilities with the need to provide a safe and secure environment. Convenience must sometimes be compromised to maintain security. Each FNUniv member must share the responsibility and be accountable to assure security for all members and property.

The FNUniv Plant, Property and Maintenance Department and the Human Resource Department will work together to provide mechanical and electronic access to University facilities. This document defines the policies that govern access fob and key control at FNUniv.


This policy applies to all employees of FNUniv, visiting faculty, students, and contractors working for FNUniv. In addition, it applies to all facilities occupied by FNUniv.


FNUniv – means the First Nations University of Canada

Fob – a programmable hardware device that provides keyless access to locked systems.

Authorized Person – a member of FNUniv’s Executive, Human Resource Manager, Dean, or Director of your department.

Executive – FNUniv’s President or Vice-Presidents

Policy Statements

The policy states the following:

FNUniv shall maintain a locking system to protect its community members, facilities, property, and information. In addition, the policy is to ensure that all employees are held accountable for their fob/key.

  1. All fobs/keys are the property of the First Nations University of Canada, and the Manager of Plant, Property, and Maintenance is responsible for the overall administration of the fob and key systems.
  2. Fobs will not be issued for multi-users.
  3. All fobs and keys must be returned to FNUniv upon the termination of employment. Failure to do so will result in a $25.00 charge for replacing each Security Access Fobs and Keys.
  4. are not to be used by anyone else but the fob/key holder.
  5. Employees must swipe their fob upon entry to the building, even when entering with others.
  6. Employees who allow/accompany non-employees into the building will be held responsible for those individuals while they are in the building.
  7. The Fob holder is responsible for turning off any lights or equipment in their section.
  8. Lost fobs or keys must be reported immediately to PPM and HR.
  9. Security Access Fobs not used in a four-week period may be cancelled without notice.
  10. Users must contact the Plant, Property and Maintenance department to request reactivating their fob if it has been cancelled.
  11. Users must contact Human Resources to re-activate access cards.

FNUniv’s PPM Manager shall ensure the security of Master Key issuance only to the following individuals:

  1. Human Resource Manager with an Alternate designated person within the department
  2. Executive members – President and Vice-Presidents
  3. PPM Manager
  4. An individual provided written permission by an Executive due to an operational imperative.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Responsibility for administering this Policy at each campus is vested with the following University officers:

Regina Campus                                  PPM Manager, Human Resource Manager, Authorized Persons

Saskatoon Campus                PPM Manager, Human Resource Manager, Authorized Persons

Prince Albert Campus                       PPM Manager, Human Resource Manager, Authorized Persons

  1. Requesting Fobs/Keys: All campus fobs/keys requests must be made through an Authorized Person utilizing the Access Fob and Key Control Request Form. The request must identify the fob access level and then the key security clearance level. The completed form will be forwarded to the Human Resources Manager to be approved. Once the employee agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the Request Form, a copy of the form will be sent to the PPM Manager, and a copy of the form will be added to the employee file.
  2. Distribution of Fobs/Keys: The PPM Manager will record the fob and key number for their files and provide the fob/key to the authorized person who made the request, who will issue the fob/key to the employee. The authorized person will maintain a log of the fobs/keys in circulation within their department.
  3. Retuning Fobs/Keys: The employee campus fob/key must be returned upon the completion, or the termination, of employment and note the return date on the Access Fob and Key Request Form by the PPM Manager.
  4. Fob/Key Inventory: Each department shall maintain a complete and up-to-date fob/key inventory for their departments that is to be reviewed and cross-referenced with the PPM Manager’s master list on a regular basis (minimum once a year).
  5. Lost/Stolen/Misplaced Fobs/Keys: All lost/stolen/misplaced fob/key must be reported immediately to the employees’ Authorized Person and the PPM Manager. Lost or stolen fobs and/or keys, or failure to abide by the Access Fob and Key Form and this policy, will result in a fine.   Employees will be charged $25 for the first offence and $50 for every offence after that.
  6. Forgotten Fob/Key: In the event of a forgotten fob/key, a request can be made with the PPM Department to grant access to the necessary restricted areas. Access granted will be at the discretion of PPM staff, not the individual who forgot their fob/key.
  7. Unlock Requests: In the event access to an otherwise secured area is required, the following procedures should be followed:


Individuals locked out of their own offices should contact the PPM for assistance. A PPM staff member will unlock the offices for individuals assigned to that office. Requests by individuals for access into an office not their own will not be allowed without the in-person or email approval of the person who occupies that office or an in-person or email approval by the department’s Authorized Person.

Emergency Access

In case of emergencies (e.g. urgent maintenance, fire, etc.), the PPM staff may need to enter a secured campus area. Once the emergency is addressed, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the individual responsible for the area entered to advise them of the need to access their area.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Any unauthorized fabrication, duplication, possession, or misuse of fobs/keys to campus facilities is a direct violation of this policy, and any employees discovered violating this policy are subject to the fines detailed above and/or disciplinary action up to and including termination.

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