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University Employees
Last Revised:
February 28, 2021
Approved By:
Board of Governors
Human Resources (306) 790-5950 ext. 2505


The mission of the First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) is to enhance the quality of life, and to preserve, protect and interpret the history, language, culture and artistic heritage of First Nations. The First Nations University of Canada will acquire and expand its base of knowledge and understanding in the best interests of First Nations, and for the benefit of society, by providing opportunities of quality bi-lingual and bi-cultural education under the mandate and control of the First Nations of Saskatchewan. To achieve this, First Nations University of Canada must recruit and retain outstanding faculty and staff.

This policy governs compensation for incumbents in all positions at FNUniv that are excluded from union membership by the Saskatchewan Labour Relations Board – referred to as the out-of-scope positions.

The intent of this policy is to ensure that FNUniv out-of-scope salaries are competitive within the local market and the Canadian University sector. The intent, further, is to compensate out-of- scope employees within salary ranges aligned with the applicable sector and not significantly above or below that.


Compensation for out-of-scope positions will be reviewed and adjusted in accordance with the results of performance reviews and the approved compensatory guidelines.

The salary of each out-of-scope employee will be determined at the time of appointment and adjusted annually in accordance with this policy.

The following principles will guide out-of-scope salary compensation:

  • Equitable administration: The administration of the policy will be consistent, taking into account similar information for all positions covered by the policy.
  • Performance-based: All persons covered by the policy will participate in regular (at least annual) appraisals of their individual performance with their supervisors.
  • Market realities: Compensation for a position at the FNUniv should be related to compensation for similar positions of the applicable sector.
  • Differential outcomes: Individual out-of-scope salaries will, in part, be determined by an employee’s experience, level of development, and performance, and in part by market comparisons so that salaries for employees at the same rank are unlikely to be identical. Depending on these factors, compensation will generally vary within the salary range.
  • Flexibility: Changing needs of the FNUniv and the out-of-scope group must be taken into account and may from time to time necessitate adjustments in salary compensation.
  • Affordability: The costs entailed by the policy must fit within the FNUniv’s means.

All out-of-scope salaries should be based on where the FNUniv position falls within an agreed-upon market along with experience, stage of growth, and development. The FNUniv administration must ensure the salary is reasonable, appropriate, and defensible based on these elements.

Salary compensation will be determined by a combination of:

  • Economic Environment
  • Annual Performance
  • Market

All components of total compensation will be communicated to each out-of-scope employee to ensure an understanding of the salary and benefits programs and the opportunities available based on performance and development.

Out-of-scope employees who are eligible for an annual compensation increase based on individual performance evaluations are subject to a range of  0% to 4% increase.  Out of Scope salary grids are adjusted annually based on the annual salary grid adjustments negotiated in the collective agreement with URFA Administrative, Professional and Technical Employees (APT). This policy specifically authorizes that out-of-scope employees shall receive all related employment benefits negotiated through the collective agreement process with URFA APT.

Academic Appointments

Each senior administrator who also holds an out-of-scope academic appointment:

  • will have a proxy academic salary established on appointment that reflects the qualifications and accomplishments of the employee;
  • is eligible for research and professional development leave (for positions at the rank of Vice-President or equivalent); and
  • will be provided research support (for positions at the rank of Vice-President or equivalent).

APEA Support

APEA allocations will be provided to all out-of-scope positions.

Role and Responsibilities

University Administration

  • must ensure out-of-scope salaries are reasonable, appropriate and defensible

Human Resources

  • will administer the management of the compensation and benefit systems;
  • will conduct research and analysis of market conditions and Federal and Provincial economic assumptions;
  • will conduct “best practices” analysis;
  • will develop strategies for implementing recommendations;
  • will communicate all components of total compensation to each out-of-scope employee; and
  • will communicate annual salary adjustments to each out-of-scope employee.

Consequences for Noncompliance

If the FNUniv does not offer competitive salaries for out-of-scope positions, it will not be able to attract and retain outstanding employees and consequently will not be a preferred place to work or study.

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