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All University Personnel
Last Revised:
July 29, 2020
Director of Finance
Approved By:
Board of Govenors
Director of Finance (ext. 2405)


In general, the University is a charitable organization that receives donations and does not contribute financially to other charities or organizations. This policy outlines the rare circumstances under which donations to external entities are permitted.


Donation – a voluntary and gratuitous transfer of real property, generally in the form of cash, to an outside organization. Fundraising Event – an event promoted by an outside organization at which authorized attendance by university personnel is considered worthwhile.


The University is not a philanthropic organization and does not normally allow any payment to be made to an outside charitable organization without physical attendance at some approved event by authorized university personnel. With the approval of the President (or in the case of the President, the Chair of the Board of Governors) the University will permit payment to be made for special fundraising events where attendance by University personnel is considered important or beneficial. An example would include attendance at an FSIN Fundraising event. Under no circumstances will a direct payment to any political party be allowed. Purchases of alcoholic beverages at these events would not be eligible for reimbursement under any circumstances.

Consequences for Noncompliance

If prior approval is not obtained, the cost to attend the function or event will be charged to the individual involved, if the expense claim is already processed. If the function is claimed after the fact, the claim will be denied.

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