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June 25, 2017
Vice-President Academic
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Vice-President Academic


First Nations University of Canada acknowledges the importance of honouring the service of its retiring faculty members. This policy outlines the First Nations University’s position on awarding the title “Emeritus” to distinguish retiring faculty members and librarians.


Emeritus designates a person one who is retired but retains an honorary title corresponding to that held immediately before retirement.

Vice-President Academic refers to the Vice-President Academic of the First Nations University of Canada.


In keeping with the federated relationship between the First Nations University and the University of Regina, the title “Emeritus” can only be awarded to retiring First Nations University’s faculty members and librarian under the University of Regina policy entitled “Awarding the Title Emeritus”.

Upon recommendation by a faculty member or librarian’s academic unit,the Vice-President Academic at First Nations University, will submit a request in writing to the University of Regina President for the title to be conferred. The faculty member or librarian must meet the eligibility criteria under the University of Regina policy.

Rights & Privileges

In addition to the Rights and Privileges listed in the University of Regina policy, the title Emeritus entitles First Nations University faculty members and librarians to the following privileges, at the discretion of the First Nations University:

  1. The right to participate in academic processions and grand entries at First Nations University convocations and the First Nations University pow wow;
  2. The right to have their names included on First Nations University mailing lists and website;
  3. The right to use their First Nations University e-mail addresses, renewable annually;
  4. Such other privileges as may be granted by the First Nations University from time to time.

Role and Responsibilities

Vice-President Academic is the officer responsible for making a recommendation to the University of Regina President regarding the awarding of the title.

Consequences for Noncompliance

First Nations University retired faculty members and librarians would be excluded from being awarded the honorary title “Emeritus”.

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