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Last Revised:
January 26, 2020
VP, Finance and Administration
Approved By:
Board of Governors
VP, Finance and Administration (306) 790-5950 ext. 2100


The First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) is committed to providing a positive first impression. Supporting new employees as they transition to their new role, as well as supporting FNUniv’s need to quickly enable employees to achieve high levels of proficiency in their new role. FNUniv will engage new employees, starting with the acceptance of their job offer and continuing through their first year of employment –striving for high job satisfaction as well as low turnover.


FNUniv and/or University
First Nations University of Canada

The process of helping new employees adjust to social, cultural, and performance aspects of their new jobs swiftly and smoothly –providing them with the tools, resources, engagement, and knowledge to become successful, productive, and highly satisfied in their role.


Onboarding Program Development and Training Requirements
Each FNUniv campus is required to develop, implement, monitor, and maintain a documented onboarding program for all new employees in collaboration with the Human Resources department.

Onboarding Program Minimum Requirements

  1. Reflective of the time period that begins with the accepted job offer and through-out their first year of employment (any exceptions need to be outlined in the program)
  2. List and describe each onboarding activity, which type(s) of employee(s) it applies to, when the activity should occur and who the responsible party is for that activity.
  3. Designate an onboarding coordinator who is accountable for initiating the activities.

Required Program Activities

FNUniv encourages the following activities which are onboarding best practices:

  1. Create a dashboard or list to organize and track tasks that need to be completed.
  2. Coordinate activities that can be accomplished prior to the new hire’s start date, such as: new hire paperwork, provide information on where to go on day one, details on parking, who to ask for upon arrival and what to wear. Set up of new hires’ desk, phone, computer and password logins, and keys and prepare an electronic communication –introducing and welcoming them to FNUniv.
  3. Provide an orientation to his/her work unit, which is a short-term and serves to introduce and welcome them to their work unit.
  4. The onboarding coordinator should act as, or designate, an onboarding contact, who is a resource for to ask questions about any onboarding activity for each new hire. The coordinator is responsible for communicating the contact’s information to the new hire after the job acceptance but before the start date.
  5. Schedule meetings, preferably in-person, between the new hire and their direct supervisor (or appropriate designee) as well as a meeting with their work unit’s team, preferably on the new hire’s first day of employment. Direct supervisor will ensure roles and responsibilities within the unit are outlined for the entire team and clarify how they will interact with each other.
  6. Assign each new hire a peer partner. The peer partner’s role includes, welcoming the new hire, making introductions to colleagues, helping to understand and navigate the culture of FNUniv, serving as a resource to answer or refer specific questions, and checking in frequently with the new hire.
  7. Schedule a one-month check-in to make sure the new employee is comfortable, happy, and engaged. The new employee’s supervisor should also provide some thoughtful feedback on the new employee’s early contributions.

Role and Responsibilities

Human Resources Department

  1. Serves as FNUniv’s expert on the onboarding program design and consults with other campuses and/or departments as needed.
  2. Provides training on program development.
  3. Provides support and education for best practice onboarding activities.
  4. Provides sample onboarding communication templates, checklists, conversation guides, and other pertinent information.
  5. Periodically obtains feedback regarding the effectiveness of the onboarding process and experiences.

FNUniv Campuses

  1. Develops, implements, monitors, and maintains an onboarding program that complies with policy and supports employee and organizational needs.
  2. Designates an onboarding coordinator(s) for each program.
  3. Oversees onboarding document control and retention programs.
  4. Consults with FNUniv’s Human Resources Department as needed.
  5. Ensures that onboarding coordinators and others with onboarding responsibilities in their campus are appropriately trained on their onboarding programs.


  1. Understands the onboarding program/policy.
  2. Fully participates in onboarding new hires as outlined in the Campus’ program.

New Employee

  1. Actively participates in the onboarding process in a timely and constructive manner.
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