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University Employees
Last Revised:
July 29, 2020
Vice-President, Academic
Approved By:
Board of Governors
Director, Human Resources at (306) 790-5950ext. 2507


The First Nations University of Canada is committed to quality teaching, research, and service grounded in the knowledge of First Nations teachings. To fulfill its commitments, the University must recruit and retain exceptional staff to provide high-quality programs and services to clients, communities and stakeholders. In recognition of our unique culture the University is allowed under The Saskatchewan Human Rights Act to undertake preferential hiring of First Nations faculty and staff.


Term – a term appointment has a terminate date which is stipulated in the letter of appointment and there is no obligation on the part of the University or the academic staff member to extend or renew beyond that date.

Tenure – (Towards Tenured Appointment) – a tenure track appointment is an academic appointment where the individual is expected to be progressing towards a tenured appointment. The incumbent would be on a probationary appointment for a one year period and, depending upon satisfactory performance, may be renewed. No individual may serve more than five consecutive years in a probationary appointment. The appointment is probationary for a period of one year except when the appointment does not follow the academic year (July 1 to June 30). These appointment will normally be for up to two years, or a specified portion therefore in excess of twelve months.

Tenured Appointment – is a permanent appointment is where the faculty member has demonstrated the following:

  • consistently high achievement in teaching;
  • consistently high achievement in service to First Nations’ communities;
  • consistently high achievement in service to the University community;
  • consistently high achievement in research and scholarship useful to First Nations’ communities;
  • a promise of future contributions which will enhance the reputation of the University;
  • potential to progress through the ranks; and,
  • any other conditions specified in the original letter of offer.


This policy applies to the hiring of academic staff.

First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) is committed to creating a quality and equitable work environment for all employees. This includes establishing effective processes for assessing candidates during the recruitment, selection and hiring process.

FNUniv’s recruitment, selection and hiring processes are designed to attract, place and promote the best qualified candidates to deliver on the University’s vision. The processes included in this policy allow that reasonable and justifiable measures are taken in accordance with Section 48 of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Act to ensure consistent steps to eliminate, redress and prevent disadvantages in employment for Indigenous people and establish a workforce that is representative of the University’s mission.

Role and Responsibilities

Vice President Academic

  • Recommends approval of the Associate Dean’s request to recruit to the President;
  • Identifies members to serve on the Search Committee
  • Is responsible for presenting one candidate for recommendation to the President.

Search Committee Members

  • Search committee members shall attend lectures, seminars and interviews presented by all candidates to ensure a fair evaluation of candidates.

Search Committee Chair

  • The Search Committee Chair is normally the Associate Dean of the hiring department but may be another individual named by the Vice President, Academic and works with Human Resources to draft the criteria and advertisement for the position, sources for advertising and development of screening criteria and interview questions;
  • The Search Committee Chair is responsible for all aspects of the search including establishing expectations for participation for Search Committee Members and leading the committee to presenting one candidate for recommendation to the Vice President.

Human Resources Department

  • Facilitates the process and provides support to the Search Committee Chair;
  • Maintains the integrity of the process by ensuring adherence to collective agreement requirements, FNUniv policy and related legislative requirements.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Noncompliance could result in the process being viewed as biased and non-transparent, and could erode the reputation of search committee members with their peers within the University community and could have a negative impact on how First Nations University of Canada viewed within the university community.

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