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Human Resource -Employment
All University Personnel –Employees, Elders, Board Members, Volunteers
Last Revised:
July 28, 2020
VP, Finance and Administration
Approved By:
Board of Governors
President’s Office (306) 790-5950 ext. 2100


The First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) supports the use of social media by its Elders, employees, and students. FNUniv’s social media accounts are valuable tools that help to connect all FNUniv campuses, attract new students to our programs, share the excellent work conducted on our campuses and communicate the value that FNUniv brings to the larger community. It also allows for opportunities to connect on a more personal level with the community by expressing and exchanging information, ideas, and images.

This policy governs the use of social media sites by employees, Elders, Board Members and volunteers on behalf of any FNUniv faculty, department, program, course, or as part of daily responsibilities at FNUniv. This policy is intended to assist individuals in sharing social media content in a manner that complies with FNUniv’s mission, vision and strategic objectives. This policy also touches briefly on the use by employees of personal social media accounts and provides general considerations to keep in mind when engaging on social platforms.


Social Media
Social Media refers to forms of online presence or publication, such as Facebook, Twitter Instagram, LinkedIn, blogs, websites, and other applications,which provide a platform for individuals to create online communities, engage in networking activities and publish information, ideas, personal messages, etc.on the internet.

Social Media Content
Social Media Content refers to original content (including, photos, videos, information, events, commentary, etc.), as well as commentary on,or reposting of,others’ shared content.

FNUniv-Affiliated Account
An FNUniv-affiliated Account refers to any social media site that uses the FNUniv name, logo and/or branding.

Personal Account
A Personal Account refers to any social media site that an individual engages on for personal purposes and not work-related purposes.


FNUniv encourages the use of social media by employees,Elders, Board Members and volunteers, keeping consistency and FNUniv’s reputation in mind. Any engagement with an FNUniv-affiliated account must be clear, concise and relevant, and adhere to the guiding principles outlined in this policy,and to FNUniv’s Brand Guidelines and Policy. FNUniv reserves the right to modify or remove, or request modification or removal of,any content published on social media accounts that is not supportive of the University’s views and values.

Guiding Principles

FNUniv-Affiliated Account Creation

Any FNUniv-affiliated account that is created must:

  • only be created with the explicit permission from the individual’s supervisor and the Marketing and Communications department,
  • have a designated account administrator and be linked to an appropriate FNUniv email account,and
  • have login credentials that are shared and maintained in confidence among the respective account administrator, supervisor and the Marketing and Communications department.

FNUniv reserves the right to delete any FNUniv-affiliated account if it is no longer being monitored or actively used.

Use of FNUniv-Affiliate Accounts

Social media content posted on any FNUniv-affiliated account should adhere to the following criteria:

  • Display quality:review for clarity, accuracy, grammar, and spelling.
  • Be transparent and relevant:post information that is truthful, nonpartisan and complete, and limit content to University business or content that is relevant to FNUniv,as stipulated by its mission, vision, strategic objectives and stated values.
  • Protect confidential information about yourself, co-workers, FNUniv community members and the University.
  • Obtain permission from an individual prior to posting their photo or comments on social media.
  • Consider attribution and ownership: ensure that you give credit to other people’s work or ideas, and that you have permission to post any copyrighted information.
  • Adhere to policies and laws: adhere to FNUniv policies regarding privacy, confidentiality and intellectual property rights, as well as federal and provincial laws governing privacy and copyright.
  • Follow Brand Guidelines and Policy: use of the FNUniv brand or logo must comply with the standards set out in the Brand Guidelines and Policy.

Use of Personal Accounts

FNUniv recognizes that individuals may maintain a social media presence using personal accounts.It is important to bearing mind that personal activity on social media may also be a reflection of the FNUniv brand and impact FNUniv’s reputation. We encourage all employees, Elders, Board Members and volunteers to:

  • consider their affiliation with FNUniv when posting on personal accounts,
  • ensure that content reflects the professionalism and respectful environment at the University,
  • clearly and visibly state that the views expressed within their personal social media platforms are their own, and not those of the University, and
  • maintain separate and distinct personal and professional social media accounts.

Inappropriate Use of Social Media

Inappropriate uses of social media include, without limitation:

  • posting or re-posting:
    • content that is offensive,profane, defamatory, hateful, discriminatory, illegal or violent in nature,
    • language that could also be deemed as harassing, threatening or abusive,
    • unprofessional or inappropriate comments about employees, students and community members,and
    • content that promotes personal or political projects or agendas, or circulates spam,
  • engaging in social media exchanges with students that are personal in nature, and
  • engaging in communications that create a conflict of interest with one’s contractual responsibilities and obligations with FNUniv.

Reporting Inappropriate Use of Social Media

Individuals should immediately report to their supervisor or the Marketing and Communications department any inappropriate use of social media by a member of the FNUniv community.

An individual should review and follow the FNUniv Respectful University Policy if that individual feels directly and/or personally affected by the inappropriate use of social media by another.

Role and Responsibilities

Marketing and Communications Department

  • Review and approve all FNUniv social media account creations.
  • Monitor activity across all FNUniv social media accounts, advising when necessary.
  • Provide any necessary training and consultations related to social media issues.

Social Media Account Administrators

  • Ensure the social media account adheres to this policy and FNUniv’s Brand Policy and Guidelines.
  • Update and monitor the social media account and respond to user comments and questions in a timely manner.
  • Mandatory Account Administrators to include Senior Communications Officer and Executive Assistant to the President


  • Ensure all employees are aware of FNUniv’s Social Media Policy and associated procedures.
  • Address any social media issues reported by employees, and consult with the Human Resources Department, as necessary.

Human Resources Department

  • Provide advice and expertise to supervisors concerning matters related to inappropriate use of social media by employees, Elders, Board Members or visitors.
  • Address any instances of inappropriate use of social media by an employee that require disciplinary action.
  • Liaise within employee’s union regarding any disciplinary action being taken against the employee.

Employees, Elders, Board Members, Volunteers

  • Engage with FNUniv and personal social media accounts in accordance with this Policy and any associated procedures.
  • Always exercise the utmost professionalism and respect when engaging on social media platforms.

Consequences for Noncompliance

FNUniv requires that its employees, Elders, Board Members and volunteers act in a respectful and professional manner when engaging on social media. Use of social media that is considered detrimental to the reputation of the University or its members, or that contributes to a toxic work environment will not be tolerated.

Failure to comply with this policy and any related procedures could result in investigation and, in some cases, disciplinary measures.

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