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April 15, 2018
Approved By:
Board of Governors
President’s EA at (306) 790-5950 ext. 2100


“Special Advisor to the President” positions may be created to provide a full range of support to the President of First Nations University of Canada to complement efficient delivery of a variety of executive initiatives pertaining to university affairs and student success. The tenure of a special advisor is tied to that of the President. These positions fall under the Code of Conduct policy for the university.


Special Advisor – A special adviser works in a supporting role to the President. Their duty is to assist and advise. Financial compensation is not paid to anyone accepting the additional duties of a Special Advisor.

Role and Responsibilities

Duties are dependent on the appointed position and could include:

  • Draft letters/emails, writing speeches/briefings, creating presentations as necessary and make appropriate referrals throughout the university
  • Assist with research, background and draft notes for presentations, speeches, meetings, projects and communication for the President
  • Coordinate special projects, programs and initiatives associated with the Office of the President
  • Participate on committees as assigned
  • Coordinate special visits to the university by outside constituencies
  • Coordinate with Vice Presidents on special projects
  • Identify and develop university-wide initiatives
  • Help make sure the President’s long and short term objectives are met.
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