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Last Revised:
April 9, 2017
Approved By:
Board of Governors
Secretary to the Board (306) 790-5950 ext. 2100


The purpose of this policy is to establish the framework and guidelines within First Nations University of Canada (FNUniv) for the creation of productive partnerships between the University and the private sector (i.e. sponsorship alliances with corporations, foundations, individuals and other non-government organizations). It is recognized that such alliances can provide important financial and marketing support to potential partners of the University while at the same time generate additional revenues to support the University’s mission and mandate.


Consultation process: Means the provision of opportunity to contribute ideas and suggestions.

Sponsor: A sponsor is the individual or group that supports an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services.

Sponsorship: A form of promotion where a partnership to support an activity or an event is formed from which the sponsor expects to derive tangible benefits



The following are the fundamental principles that shape our relationship with sponsors:

  1. Sponsorship of FNUniv or of any project, program, or event will not entitle any sponsor to influence any decision of FNUniv.
  2. The University will not enter into any alliance or partnership with any corporation or organization where the association with the prospective partner or acceptance of the sponsorship would jeopardize the financial, legal, or moral integrity of the university or adversely impact upon the University’s standing and reputation in the community. All tobacco and alcohol sponsorships are prohibited.
  3. Sponsorships from private corporations and organizations differ from philanthropic gifts to the University in that they are negotiated on a quid pro quo basis and they require a fully-executed contract of agreement. For policies around the University’s acceptance of philanthropic gifts, please refer to the University’s Fundraising and Gift Acceptance policy.
  4. All sponsorship alliances must be consistent with existing University policies.


  1. Inasmuch as the University controls various venues suitable for the acknowledgement of sponsorship activities, it has an obligation to protect its good name and reputation, ensuring the integrity of its sponsorship venues and limiting its liability as a consequence of accepting sponsorships. Therefore, the University reserves the right to determine who maybe a sponsor.
  2. Sponsorships are considered inappropriate on recruitment materials, communications with students related to academic programming, course catalogs and schedules, campus landscape amenities, and within or on campus academic and general administrative or service buildings. Sponsorship activities carried on through the campus mail and E-mail systems must be in compliance with the policies governing those activities.
  3. The University’s acceptance of sponsorships shall in no way imply a direct affiliation between the University and its sponsors, and shall in no way include any perceived endorsement of the sponsors by the University or any of its agents. Use of the University’s identity – its names and symbols – in association with a sponsor’s identity must be in compliance with the University’s visual identity standards and trademark licensing procedures.
  4. All event and project sponsorships must have significant financial commitment from the sponsor to help offset the costs associated with the activity.
  5. It is important to assure a coordinated and strategic approach by the University to its corporate and philanthropic community. Therefore the University President must be informed of and give approval to all intended approaches before any sponsorship requests are made.
  6. Sponsorship relationships with FNUniv must be identified and recorded in the University’s fundraising database and reported annually to the Audit Finance and Risk Committee of the Board.
  7. Promotional use of corporate logos and colours by sponsors are not permitted in any permanent or ongoing campus signage (e.g. building or area signage, sports fields, or score boards) and are for an agreed period, and in a form that is compliant with University policy.
  8. Promotional use of corporate logos and colours may only be displayed in printed marketing materials such as brochures, invitations, flyers, and tickets. Promotional use of corporate logos and colours in banners or signage in conjunction with temporary exhibits or events may be used for a limited time period in conjunction with the sponsored event (i.e. within a few hours of the specific event’s occurrence). These benefits must be clearly outlined in the written sponsorship agreement. Corporate identification and logos should always be displayed secondary in size and position to the University’s branding. A description of the use of logos and colours must be included in the sponsorship agreement.
  9. The benefiting (sponsored) area must not, and must not appear to, unduly endorse the sponsoring company or its products.
  10. Sponsors must not use the University’s communications as a direct sales channel for their products or services.
  11. In-kind sponsorship is the provision of goods or services to support or enhance a University event or activity where free promotion is received in return. To measure the value of in-kind sponsorship, the benefiting department or area of the University should consider the opportunity cost, that is, how much it would have cost the department if it had paid for the support provided. Such consideration should be given before the services or goods are accepted.
  12. All sponsorships, whether cash or in-kind, will be embodies in written contractual agreements between FNUniv and the sponsorship partner. No benefits will be provided to sponsors before such contract is fully executive. The President must be notified of sponsorship agreements before approval. Approval must be given by the President.
  13. An external organization that uses University premises or facilities and wishes to display their own sponsorship signage during an event or exhibition will first obtain permission from the President. Permanent or ongoing signage which services the sponsorship of an external organization will not be permitted. Any inappropriate signage erected on University premises can be taken down and discarded at the University’s discretion.
  14. Sponsorship requests can arise out of the relationship University staff have with sponsors. This creates potential for appearance of conflict of interest. University staff progressing or approving a sponsorship proposal should therefore take care to declare any such potential for the appearance of conflict under the University Policy on Conflict of Interest.

Role and Responsibilities

  1. This policy applies to all FNUniv representatives (normally faculty, staff, students, and volunteers) who are involved in any aspects of acquiring sponsorships for any department/division, project/program, or Faculty of the University including the identification, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship of prospective sponsors of the University.
  2. For all sponsorships, there is to be a single point of contact between the University and the sponsor to manage the relationship

Consequences for Noncompliance

Sponsorship arrangements may not violate other university policies or procedures.

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