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All University Employees
Last Revised:
April 9, 2017
Approved By:
Board of Governors
Secretary to the Board (ext. 2100)


This policy defines the permitted use and any restrictions on the use of the University’s name and the University’s corporate seal.


Securities – notes, bonds, debentures and other securities.

Instrument – a written document that states a contractual relationship or grants some right such as monetary transfers, mortgages, loans, contracts, memorandum of agreements, etc.

Senior Executive – the President and Vice-Presidents


University Name

The legal name of the University is the “First Nations University of Canada Inc.” The official name of the University is “First Nations University of Canada”.

University Corporate Seal

The corporate seal shall be stored in a locked cabinet in the President’s office. Electronic versions of the corporate seal will not be available for use on the Internet.

The Secretary to the Board has the authority to affix the corporate seal for the University. When the Secretary to the Board is absent, this authority will be delegated to the Director of Finance. If both individuals are absent, the President can delegate the responsibility to one of the members of the Senior Executive (namely, the Vice-President Academic).

The corporate seal shall be affixed to:

  1. Documents or agreements that are required by law to be under seal;
  2. The University Bylaws;and,
  3. Securities of the University

The corporate seal may be affixed to:

  1. AgreementstowhichtheUniversityisapartyandforwhichtheotherpartytotheagreement requires the University to execute the agreement under seal; and
  2. Transfers,mortgagesorotherinstrumentsordocumentsrequiredtobeinwritingandtowhich the University is a party.

Reporting of Sealed Documents

The Secretary to the Board or delegate shall maintain a record of all documents to which the University corporate seal is affixed. This record will include:

  • a description of the document;
  • the date the document was sealed and signed;
  • the name of the University signatory to the document;and,
  • the name and initials of the person who affixed the corporate seal.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Except as permitted by this policy, no person may affix or attempt to affix either the corporate seal of the University to any document.

Any person who uses the corporate seal without proper authorization, or who uses a seal purported to be a seal of the University in an attempt to deceive, may be subject to disciplinary and/or civil action.

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