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January 26, 2018
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The First Nations University of Canada Library welcomes the donation of books, including those that may be designated as rare, periodicals, and other formats that will enhance or extend the Library’s existing collections. These types of materials are referred to as gifts-in-kind. Such items are assessed for inclusion in the collections according to criteria similar to those governing the acquisition of new materials for the libraries (Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert campuses).


The acceptance of gifts-in-kind to the Library is guided by the following principles:

  • The Library will accept donations which support the teaching, learning and research goals of the University and which are consistent with the Library’s collection development policies.

As per the First Nations University of Canada’s Fundraising and Gift Acceptance Policy, independent appraisals are required for gifts-in-kind. Appraisal costs are the responsibility of the donor. Additional information about the University’s Fundraising and Gift Acceptance Policy is at

  • Faculty who are donating items purchased with funds from their Accountable Professional Expense Account, research accounts, or operating accounts are not eligible for a tax receipt.

The Library is not able to accept every offer of donated materials because of space limitations and the costs associated with processing of materials. The following materials will ordinarily not be considered for donation:

  • Textbooks and course packs
  • Popular paperbacks and magazines
  • Duplicate material already present in the collections, unless there is a need to substitute a damaged item or a duplicate item is deemed appropriate
  • Outdated, superseded titles and editions, except where they are deemed to have value to Special Collections
  • Scattered or single issues of periodicals; broken runs of periodicals are accepted only if the issues are required to replace missing or damaged issues or to fill gaps in runs of titles to which the libraries (Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert campuses) currently maintain an active subscription
  • Materials in poor physical condition
  • Materials requiring special preservation arrangements which the Library is not able to support
  • Materials requiring the use of technology no longer supported by the Library
  • Any material which has been copied from an original
  • Material to which the donor has attached restrictions which will limit access for the Library users or which seek to determine the shelving location of the materials

Archival Donations

The First Nations University of Canada Library regretfully cannot accept gifts of an archival nature due to space and staffing limitations. We respectfully recommend contacting the University of Regina Archives or Saskatchewan Archives Board regarding gifts of archival materials.

Responsibility for Coordinating Library Donations

All gift offers intended for the Library collection should be referred to the Librarian (Regina campus) or designate.

Each donation is assessed by the Librarian (Regina campus) or designate, possibly in consultation with an FNUniv faculty member, to ascertain whether it would make a valuable addition, in whole, or in part, to current holdings, and if there are special preservation needs to be considered.

The Librarian (Regina campus) or designate will discuss the extent and conditions of the donation with a potential donor. After the initial discussion, if the donation is deemed to be of value to the libraries (Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert campuses), the Librarian (Regina campus) or designate will make arrangements to receive the gift.

In the case of a large collection, the Library may choose to examine the materials in situ if the collection is deemed to be of potential value.

In general, donors must deliver their gifts to the Library (Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert campus) at their own expense.

Donation Agreement

The donor must sign a copy of the Donation of Library Materials Form at the time a gift is handed over to the Library. It will be retained by the Library. The Donation of Library Materials Form must be used to indicate a request for a tax receipt.

Donation Inventory

It is the responsibility of the donor to provide a detailed inventory of donated materials to ensure the accuracy of the gift acceptance, or in the event of a subsequent monetary appraisal. The Library cannot prepare lists of donations for or on behalf of donors.

Offer of Unwanted Materials to another Institution

Where the Library does not accept a gift, the Librarian (Regina campus) or designate cannot undertake to find alternate placement for gift materials.


All gifts from a known donor will be acknowledged by a form letter or personal letter from the Librarian (Regina campus) or designate, depending on the circumstances and as appropriate.

Role and Responsibilities


  • Policy owner
  • Compliance with policy

Library Technician(s)

  • Compliance with policy

University staff, faculty, students, and public-at-large

  • Compliance with policy

Consequences for Noncompliance

Noncompliance with this policy may result in the Library appearing to be reckless in the maintenance of its collections, and/or facing criticism from the university community. Noncompliance may also result in a deterioration of the library’s vibrancy, relevance, and usability.


  1. Revisions, changes, or noncompliance with this policy will be addressed first by the Librarian, and if need be, the Library Services Committee and Academic Council.

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