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FNUniv Employees
August 9, 2020
Last Revised:
February 26, 2023
Vice President, University Relations
Approved By:
Board of Governors
Senior Communications Officer


Marketing refers to all strategies and activities relating to pricing, products, placement and promotional strategies that are undertaken by FNUniv.


The purpose of this policy is to:

  1. Provide the framework upon which a solid marketing strategy can be built
  2. Ensure that the FNUniv brand, image and reputation are promoted in a cohesive, consistent and positive manner to external stakeholders
  3. Provide clear, regular and timely guidelines for marketing to external stakeholders
  4. Articulate that all marketing should reflect the vision, mission, values and guiding principles of the institution and marketing plan


This policy applies to all employees of FNUniv that are involved in marketing activities with external stakeholders. External stakeholders refer to current and prospective students and their guardians, alumni, general public, University of Regina, governments and agencies.

Policy Statements

The policy states the following:

  1. All marketing strategies and activities are guided by FNUniv’s vision, mission, values, guiding principles, policies and procedures.
  2. The Marketing & Communications Team provides centralized oversight and leadership in developing, advancing and stewarding the institution’s brand image and reputation in a cohesive and consistent manner to achieve the institution’s recruitment and positioning goals and objectives
  3. The Marketing & Communications team is responsible for developing and delivering all marketing, collateral and advertising used by the institution to support marketing and recruitment plans and activities
  4. The Marketing & Communications Team will endeavour to develop an annual marketing plan, to be approved by the Vice President, Finance & Administration, prior to the start of each fiscal year. The Team will also create a five-year marketing plan that mimics the timeline for the institution’s strategic plan, for which the annual plans will fall under.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Failure to comply with this policy and any related procedures could result in investigation and, in some cases, disciplinary measures.

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